Wealth Creation Resume:

Top MLM Industry Earner
Financial Radio Host
Owner: Drockton Bullion & Coin
Owner: Drockton Marketing
Owner: Drockton Lending/Mortgage
Owner: Drockton Insurance
Owner: Drockton Securities
Owner: Drockton Real-Estate Development
Series 6, 63 (Mutual Funds)
Series 26  (Registered Principal: Broker Dealer)
Financial Analyst
Economic Historian & Expert
College Instructor
Financial Advisor
2,000 + Financial Articles Written
IRA/401K Retirement Specialist
Property/Casualty/Commercial Licenses
Life Insurance/Variable Life-Annuities Specialist
IRA Precious Metals Specialist
Business Consultant and Mentor

Rain International/TEAM DROCKTON: Ghana, Africa
Paul Drockton and Byron Belka Meet with Ashante Chiefs AFTER They Endorse Rain's Products!
More Ashante Leaders from the Palace of the Chief!

Rain International TEAM DROCKTON: Namibia, Africa
With TEAM DROCKTON Namibia Leaders Pam and Ratoo!
Rain International TEAM DROCKTON: Botswana, Africa!
Full House at the TEAM DROCKTON, RAIN Botswana Ascend!
"Some People Open Cities and States.
I Open Countries & Continents."

(Paul A Drockton M.A.  RAIN Diamond Elite)
* First Rain Distributor in the United States
* Over 112,000 Distributors in Downline!
* Top INDUSTRY Earner $$$$$
* Lives 20 Minutes from Rain H.Q. in US
* Opened the United States
* Opened the United Kingdom  
* Helped Open Europe
* Opened Africa
* Helped Re-open the Philippines
* Opened Ghana
* Opened Botswana
* Opened South Africa
* Opened Namibia
* Helped Open Nigeria
* Developed Product Based Selling Systems
* Developed Multiple Diamond Elites!
* One of Largest Rain Teams in the World!

Paul Drockton
Rain Diamond Elite
Rain International CEO, Byron Belka and Paul Drockton on their 2 week Tour of Africa!
Rain International TEAM DROCKTON: South Africa & Lesotho!
Above:  Paul Drockton Interviews Ghana Rain Ascend Attendees!

Left: Byron and Paul With the Ashante Chiefs- Who Endorsed Our Products!
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