Diabetes Testimonials
Diabetes Insulin Dependent - Another AMAZING SOUL Testimony:

I became an insulin dependent diabetic 20 years ago ! I have tried all types of supplements over the years and some did make me feel better but they never ever helped with my diabetes ! I was introduced to Rain International and Soul on October 18, 2013 signed up as a distributor and received my Soul on October 23, 2013. I took my 1st package of Soul at 2:00pm and within 2 hours I felt so much energy and my brain fog was lifting ! I took another package at bed time and the next morning when I awoke and tested my blood glucose it was below 100 !

I have reduced the amount of insulin that I was taking by more than half, and I am continually reducing the amount I take ! I no longer take insulin at night and awake with normal readings in the morning ! You can't imagine how amazing this is for me, awaking every morning for the past 20 years with high blood glucose readings and feeling terrible ! But not anymore thanks to Rain & Soul !!! I'm addicted to Soul, my body craves Soul ! That's the amazing thing about SOUL it is unique to each individual, once consumed it seeks and finds what our body is depleted in and starts by removing inflammation, then nourishes with proper and sufficient nutrients so that our body can rebalance and heal itself ! Yes our body is the miracle and SOUL feeds our body what it needs to do that. -Cindy Day-

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