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Allergies and Auto-Immune Disorders
I have had Fibromyalgia for over twenty years and I started SOUL in August of this year. After the first packet I felt better I am now almost a full three months into this wonderful product.

I would live on soup and bread just to be able to afford this wonderful miracle product. I wish all the people in the world who are in pain could take this and be pain free.

~~ Bernie Sharpe ~~
Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis, Tinnitus and Sensitive Teeth

My name is Natahlie and I live in the Boston area. All my life I suffered with asthma and allergies and over the years the allergies just seem to get worse, I have arthritis in both knees from being so off balance from a serious car accident in which I suffered several fractures and broken bones which left me with several pins and screws in my right ankle 30 years ago! About 3 years ago I lost the hearing in my right ear about half in my left from a virus and a very loud music hit which left me pretty much devastated.because with the hearing loss came tinnitus!

Now just recently about 3 weeks ago I was in fear of losing all my upper front teeth! My mouth was so inflamed and my upper teeth so extremely sensitive to hot and cold and I could not bite into anything and had to drink from a was depressing to be in so much pain I just knew that was the end of my teeth!

Determination got the better half of me to do my research to find a cure for my teeth! I found I was deficient in fat soluble vitamins and minerals. I started taking cod liver oil and skate liver oil which helped a lot with my teeth but I still had one tooth that was still sensitive and I didn't know if I would be successful in getting it to heal before I go to the dentist next Wed.

I happened to see Angel Thompson's post about SOUL and inquired her about the product and decided to try the seven day sample. I received my sample package on Thursday which I took one pouch that day and two yesterday and one this morning, I have to say I am AMAZED!

I stopped taking my liver oils for a few days to test SOUL and here's what I noticed: ONE: I finally have a completely pink tongue which before I had to nearly brush the skin off and still wouldn't have a completely pink tongue! TWO: My knees are not hurting when I walk up and down the stairs! THREE: My digestive system is getting better my stomach is going down! FOUR: My tooth is a lot less sensitive than it was a couple of days ago hopefully the sensitivity will be completely gone by Wednesday! FIVE: My skin looks better from the residue of the seeds I put on my skin.

Next week I plan to order more SOUL and join the team! This would be a great product for children who are developing their brains, teeth and bones!

Thank you Angel Thompson! Thank you Rain International for making this product available! I am so excited to be looking forward to taking care of all those other issues I been experiencing and help others to do the same!"

~~ Natahlie, MA ~~